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under a yearly Services Contract of buildings, offices, commercial and industrial establishments.

Post Construction Cleaning

cleaning of buildings, offices, homes,
commercial and industrial establishments.

One Shot General Cleaning

buildings, offices, homes, commercial and industrial establishments.


shampooing of carpets, area carpets/rugs, chairs and sofas in homes and offices.


maintenance of gardens, lawns, large open areas and grass cutting.

Other Services Offered :

Secretarial, General staff, messengers, receptionists, drivers, elevator, telephone operators & utility workers


To maintain a progressive maintenance services business to motivate and educate its employees to value work for their well-being; and to make them realize the foremost need of protection and guidance by the divine providence that guides the destiny of every human being and nation.


The pursuit of its economic endeavours with the objective to be and remain highly competitive as it vigorously aims toward the attainment of progressive and innovative techniques within the parameters of the international standard in maintenance services under the divine providence, in a modest way, to continue its participation in the noble aspiration for the people well-being by harnessing their potentials, especially the able bodied, unemployed, marginalized and with low formal education by positioning them to a suitable work thus enhancing their human dignity as productive citizens.